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ARMONIA Evolution

The ARMONIA is the second model in the Apertura range that comes in an alternative and more performing version: The ARMONIA Evolution.

The concept remains unchanged : using the same basis but with the implementation of a bigger ribbon tweeter and a brand new cross-over, we are now able to offer a loudspeaker which surpass the performances of our best seller, ARMONIA.

Armonia Evolution has also a new cabinet design, making this new speaker even more elegant. And as for all other models, great attention is given to the smallest details.





    Noir satiné









  • 18 cm mid/woofer “isotactic matrix” – a woven polypropylene composite cone. This material combines stiffness, lightness and good damping properties.
    Long voice coil for a high linear excursion
  • New generation of ribbon tweeter, using a flat metalized polymer diaphragm.
    Its emissive area is twice that of the Armonia tweeter. A double surface will reduce the movements of the ribbon, and thus the distortion.
    The result is an increase dynamic capacity and a higher resolution


  • Proprietary « DRIM » structure with a triple attenuation slopes and phase control over the entire bandwidth.
  • A brand new crossover for the Armonia Evolution with two independent circuits boards for low-pass and High-pass sections.
    Selection of very high end capacitors.
  • Each set of drive units (tweeter and mid/woofer) are individually measured and crossover values adjusted according to these sets measurements.
  • Hand wiring on a 140 µm copper printed circuit board.
  • Optimized crossover structure to avoid magnetic interference between components
  • Bornier en cuivre pur, plaqué argent.


  • This new model uses the Apertura very specific cabinet shape: two curved sides of different length and no parallel front and back panels.
  • Laminar structure based on multiple thin layers pressure molded.
    Such process creates breaking modes and limit propagation of vibrations.
  • Internal multi-cavity framework to stiffen the structure and create very specific areas where damping materials can be applied.
  • Importance is given to damping treatment to cancel any standing waves. We are using 3 different types of dumping materials.
  • Mechanical grounding: a central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity improved vibrations transfer to the floor.
  • New aluminum stands and spikes available. Choice of 2 anodized colors: black or silver.
  • 5 differents standard finishes available :
    • Satin : cherry
    • High Gloss : Piano black, White, Rosewood, Figured maple
    • On demand : High gloss and metal high gloss


  • Frequency range : 37-30 000Hz/ +-3dB
  • Sensitivity : 87dB/2.83v/1m
  • Impedance : 8Ω
  • Load : bass-reflex
  • Drive units : 18 cm mid-woofer « Isotactic matrix », Ribbon tweeter 8×120 mm
  • Crossover frequency : 2,8 kHz
  • Terminals :  single wire binding posts (spades or Bananas)
  • Dimensions :  205 x 291 x 1030 mm (W x D x H), with stands : 292 x 291 x 1069 mm
  • Weight : 22,2kg net – 22kg (packed)

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